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M. Night Fail: Batteries Not Included.

Hey guys. I'm ladyhadhafang, and I couldn't make this shit up if I tried. /Sorry, Nash. :)

Kind of running low on Shyama-wank to present to you, but...I'll try my best.

This article was mostly infuriating if only for pulling the "LOL GO WATCH TRANSFORMERS 2 STOOPID" card near the end. Again, liking Shyamalan? Might as well. Insulting people who (gasp!) don't like him? Not cool. :/

This may or may not be a little better (it at least was kind enough to point out how bad Nicola Peltz' acting was. :/), but the "culturally diverse"...yeah, you kind of lost me, man. And calling The Village and Lady In The Water brilliant. Dude, no. Not only no, but fuck no. The Village not only had a horrible, horrible Twist Ending (this is one of many reasons why Shyamalan's ridiculed for having twist endings), but was ripped off of Margaret Peterson Haddix's Running Out Of Time. Up to and including the stolen twist ending. Read Running Out Of Time if you loved The Village -- it's better written, for one thing. 

Secondly, I guess I could understand The Village but Lady In The Water? Lady in the goddamn Water? Where a kid reads secret messages off cereal boxes, and a critic dies just for having the audacity to treat Shyamalan like movie Jesus? good sir, I'd argue more with you, but I'm too busy mopping up the blood that shot out my nose!

And finally, "projecting our hatred"? So our love for the TV series has nothing to do with it? My good sir...get out more. Please

(And am I the only one who thinks that he and his wife are literally the same person? Just the wording of his response regarding the "silliness of the names"... :/) 

So yeah...not as bad as bloodrunsclear's "bollshit", but still pretty bad. :/




Just followed the bottom of the first article and FUCKING HELL...I don't know if this guy was...I don't even...I -- Someone help me.

Why, that's good to know...whoever that was headdesking. Thank you. :)


Well, the douchequake's returned. :( Wouldn't be so bad if his comment wasn't made of fail. :/

(See my newest comment below for more information. :)


And now to add insult to injury, he's dissed Peter Jackson. In favor of making Shama-llama-ding-dong look good. *Buries face in hands* It's official; this guy has zero credibility. :(


Tried to argue my case with him again. May have said some...bad things, especially since he dissed Peter Jackson. (>:-() Comment hasn't shown up on the site, so I'm going to assume that he either deleted it, or there was a web server malfunction. (Hey, this shit happens. :)

Basically tried to explain to him how the Water Tribe was Inuit, the Earth Kingdom Chinese, blah blah et cetera et cetera, and that Shyamalan was a fucking imbecile for not realizing something like this...and it didn't show up. Shit.

*Buries face in hands*

Seriously though, guys? Is there any way you can get through to him? I'm kind of out of ideas. :(

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