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WTF The Last Airbender?!
Seriously... why so much fail?
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27th-Mar-2012 02:15 pm - [sticky post] wtf_tla Sticky Post
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29th-Oct-2011 10:13 am - I never noticed this before...
Iroh moonlights Aku
Probably because I refused to pay for an actual screening of the movie and watched it streaming online and swore never to watch it again, but I found this on Shyamalan's wiki page...

...Shyamalan actually cast himself in Last Failbender? I thought for sure he'd wait until Pan Diao or Jeong Jeong rolled around. Did you guys already realize this and I'm just late to the party? I figured if people were aware of it there'd be more scathing macros and gifs and screencaps featuring FireNation!Shyamalan.

On a related note, ever since it was revealed he'd chosen a white actress to play Katara I wondered what his then 7 year old daughter thought about it. She'd be older now, and probably not about to have any interviews about it, but I was just wondering if anyone on the internet knew somethin' somethin'.
13th-Sep-2011 05:55 pm - Corrupted toys for a corrupted movie
I've been collecting all types of A:TLA merchandise for years, wanting to support the show in any way I can. My curiosity wandered to the forbidden "The Last Airbender" search on Amazon... and I was horrified!


Here is the item... isn't it hideous? :/

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3rd-May-2011 01:22 pm(no subject)
mammary_glands bullies me!!!
I tried doing a google search on this site to see if anything came up, and nothing did, so apologies if this has been brought up before.

Anyway, I got into a discussion with someone who said that she approved of Shyamalan's pronunciation changes to the movie, because the changes were less westernized. And it got me thinking - I recall a few people saying that the pronunciation differences, while certainly less westernized, actually did NOT make sense because the changes were all over the place, e.g. he was using East or Southeast Asian phonetics for the Water Tribe. (<-- That's just a hypothetical example, I'm not sure if that's what actually happened.) Can anyone shed more light on this? My google fu skills are sadly lacking right now.
14th-Apr-2011 10:09 am - Making Lemonaide, I suppose
Check out this article here:


A joke at Shyamalan's expense and a philanthropic endeavor for aspiring film students?  Talk about turning bitter life lemons into sweet sweet victory for all.
12th-Mar-2011 10:28 am - Please Help Japan
making memories

I lived in Japan for a year, specifically in Sendai, and frequently visited Natori, which was one of the hardest hit communities.

Japan has a rich culture, and what a lot of people may not realize is that Sendai and it's neighboring towns (like Natori) had a population of only about a million, smaller than Seattle. It wasn't the bustling chaos of Tokyo or Osaka that foreigners usually think of Japan being. It was a quiet, close-knit community, with a rich history.
Sendai's patron was Masamune Date, commonly known as the One-Eyed-Dragon, the Samurai lord with the eyepatch and large crescent on his helmet. You may have even seen depictions of him in anime. Just north of Sendai is Matsushima bay, one of Japan's most beautiful natural landmarks. So beautiful that haiku master Matsuo Basho was so awestruck his poem was simply "Matsushima ah, Matsushima aaah, Matsushima ah."
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10th-Mar-2011 08:51 am(no subject)
What is this I don&#39;t even
Remember my last post about M. Night wanting to do a Harry Potter movie? There's a sequel. XD

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Honestly, it's like the more I dig into M. Night's madness, the less I find. :(

Thoughts? :)
1st-Mar-2011 01:42 pm - Shaolin monk pepsi ad
magatama blue
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